We honour King Mashoeshoe Day

Tailor Masibs

Celebrating 11 March the Mashoeshoe Day…death of the first King of Lesotho nation. It was no surprise when our head tailor insisted to use shweshwe for his uniform bomber jacket. I believe staff should love to wear product too!

HAMBA bomber launch edition

A brief history of ShweShwe Fabric

In the 1840s, French missionaries gifted the Basotho Chief, King Moshoeshoe I indigo-printed cloth. Extremely pleased, the King endorsed the fabric and it spread in popularity throughout the Sotho and Zulu inhabitants of his domain. According to historians, the name ‘shweshwe’ derives from its royal influencer, King Moshoeshoe.

In 1858, Germans arrived at the Eastern Cape. They too brought indigo cloth. Xhosa women attending German missionaries adopted shweshwe and it gradually spread throughout the Xhosa people.

MASIBS saw a client wearing it and decided he too needed a piece in the shweshwe fabric
When I saw Dudu a classmate wearing it I had to get it too!


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